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La Tombe d’Akhentepi



La demeure de Pentheru

Ankhs gardiennes
Ces Ankhs doivent être enrubannées autour des poignets d’un humanoïde possédant le don Science du combat à mains nues.
Elles fusionnent alors avec leur porteur et ne peuvent plus en être retirées jusqu’à sa mort à moins d’une puissante magie. Quelque soit la manière dont elles sont retirées, elles doivent être enrubannées à nouveau autour des poignets d’un porteur, ou elles tombent en poussière en 1d3 heures.
Une fois par jour, le personnage peut activer les Ankhs en action immédiate. Elles apparaissent alors dessinées sur sa peau, et génèrent instantanément un champ de force autour des bras du personnages leur donnant l’apparence d’être enveloppés dans des bandelettes. Elles lui confèrent alors un bonus d’armure de +3 pendant 1d4 rounds.
Les Ankhs gardiennes fusionnant avec leur porteur, elles n’occupent aucun emplacement.

Le Pinceau d’Ariseti
Ce pinceau magique permet, une fois que son porteur comprend son fonctionnement, de peindre sans support à même l’air. Les lignes colorées ainsi tracées persistent seulement 1 round, mais le pinceau semble doté d’une conscience propre qui permet à son porteur de dresser des croquis élaborés.
Une fois par jour, par une action complexe qui provoque une attaque d’opportunité, un archiviste peut dresser un croquis d’une créature qu’il a identifié. Cela produit un effet similaire à son pouvoir de naturaliste, exception faite que la portée est de 18m. Il est possible de débuter ou de prolonger une représentation de naturaliste de cette manière, dans tout les cas, les effets spécifiques ne durent qu’un round et il n’est pas décompté des représentations du barde.

Le Sanctuaire de L’Oeil Erudit





  • 6,900 GP
  • SLOT none CL 13th WEIGHT 1 lb.
  • AURA strong necromancy

This figurine stands several inches tall and is carved of black stone with gold highlights, resembling a man with the head of a jackal. With a successful DC 20 Knowledge (religion) check, a character identifies the figure as Anubis, the Ancient Osirian god of burial, funeral rites, mummification, and a protector of the dead and their tombs. Once per week, an effigy of Anubis enables its possessor to use speak with dead and ask up to six questions. The effigy must be placed within the rib cage of a corpse, and the corpse’s answers come through the effigy— the jackal’s mouth moves with the words. The corpse must still be mostly intact and have a mouth for the spell to work. In addition, an effigy of Anubis can be used to bring a dead creature back to life, though Anubis, as god of the dead, is willing to grant only a temporary reprieve from oblivion.
Breaking the figurine reveals a hollow interior filled with diamond dust. If this diamond dust is sprinkled on a corpse that has been dead for less than 48 hours, the creature comes back to life as with temporary resurrection (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 243). This effect lasts for 24 hours, at which point the creature dies again. Once used in this way, an effigy of Anubis loses all of its magic and is destroyed


  • 6,565 GP
  • SLOT armor CL 6th WEIGHT 8 lbs.
  • AURA moderate conjuration

The overlapping leather plates of this +2 lamellar cuirass (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment 12) oddly feel more like insect chitin than the supple leather they are crafted from. This armor’s lightweight construction gives it a maximum Dexterity bonus of +6.
The wearer of a locust cuirass can take 10 on Acrobatics checks to jump even if distracted or in danger. Once per day as an immediate action, the wearer can summon a swarm of locusts that surround her and support her weight during a fall, causing her to drift slowly down to the ground, similar to feather fall. While falling, the wearer can move up to 5 feet in any horizontal direction for every 1 foot she falls, at a speed of 60 feet per round. The wearer takes no damage upon landing. The effect ends as soon as the wearer touches the ground or after 6 rounds, whichever comes first. If the effect expires while the wearer is still in the air, she falls the remaining distance as normal.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, cape of waspsU


  • 5,400 GP
  • SLOT neck CL 5th WEIGHT 3 lbs.
  • AURA faint evocation [light]

This ornate pectoral necklace is crafted out of articulated gold plates arranged in the shape of a falcon— the sacred animal of Horus, the Ancient Osirion god of the sun and the sky.
When outdoors and in an area with direct, natural sunlight, the wearer of a sun falcon pectoral can call down dazzling beams of sunlight from the sky once per day. As a standard action each round
for 5 rounds, the wearer can call down a 5-foot-wide, 30-foot-long vertical sunbeam anywhere within 100 feet. A creature struck by a beam takes 3d6 points of damage and is blinded (a successful DC 14 Reflex save halves the damage and negates the blindness). The wearer does not need to call down a sunbeam each round, but once 5 rounds have passed, no more beams can be called down.
Indoors, underground, or in areas of darkness, the wearer can instead create a daylight effect from the necklace once per day. The daylight effect lasts up to 2 hours. Whether used to create daylight or sunbeams, a sun falcon pectoral can only be used once per day.
Craft Wondrous Item, daylight


  • 12,000 GP
  • SLOT neck CL 5th WEIGHT
  • AURA faint abjuration

This gold amulet is fashioned in the shape of a winged scarab beetle holding a large ruby that
represents the solar disk. The scarab grants its wearer a +4 bonus on saving throws against fear effects, and enables its wearer to detect any mummy within 60 feet, although he must concentrate as
a standard action to use this ability. In addition, anytime the wearer would be affected by a curse or disease effect, the scarab of mummy defense can absorb the effect with no harm to the wearer. Upon absorbing 12 such effects, the scarab turns to dust and is destroyed. An effect that’s both a curse and a disease, such as mummy rot, is considered a single effect for these purposes.
Craft Wondrous Item, detect undead, remove curse, remove
disease, remove fear

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