Les Maftets

Vous avez rencontré Erayu le chef d’une tribu défaite de maftets.

Voici leur histoire telle que racontée par Erayu :

“Until recently, my people lived in the shadow of the Sightless Sphinx. Circumstances drove us from our homes, which have now fallen into the clutches of evil. I am loath to direct you to the Sphinx without knowing more about you. Not only is it a place of danger, but you could unknowingly do great harm. I regret I cannot say more until I am reassured of your abilities. Would you be willing to provide a service to us in exchange for information on the Sightless Sphinx?”

“We chose to settle in these ruins because my people are most comfortable in ancient places, but also because a nearby outpost—though otherwise too new to be of interest to us— holds a shrine to Sekhmet, our patron of battle. “Upon settling here, we journeyed to the outpost to make our offerings to the Lady of Slaughter, but as we approached, monstrous creatures emerged from the outpost to drive us back.” Erayu scratches the sand at his feet and spits to the side. “Redskinned humanoids with curving horns sprouting from their brows and fire in their hearts. They attacked without warning, and we were forced to retreat before we lost even more from our pride. I dare not risk all of us in a direct assault. Perhaps you could investigate the outpost and clear a path for us to the shrine of Sekhmet? With Sekhmet’s blessing, I would feel confident in showing you the way to the Sightless Sphinx.”

“You have indeed proven your worth. It takes strength and purpose to survive the Parched Dunes, and I see now that you have both. I thank you, and I will help you in your quest.”
Erayu ruffles his wings and leans forward to tell his story.
“*We lived for many generations in the shadow of the Sightless Sphinx*, guarding and preserving it, though never entering it, for ancient evil lingered within its crumbling walls. But several of our younger kin, led by a rash youth named Userib, decided to explore the Sphinx. Of the dozen who ventured within, only one returned, her face white with fear. She told us that Userib had awakened the evil within the Sphinx and that it had corrupted him and the others. Her words held truth, for before we could initiate a rescue, Userib and his followers attacked. Many of my tribe fell under their assault, leaving us no choice but to abandon the Sphinx.”
A solemn look spreads over Erayu’s face. “I could say that in our weakened condition, and with the children to
consider, we could not expect to win the day in an attack on the Sphinx. This would be true. But it is also true that our own kin still reside within the Sphinx. Can they be saved and returned to the pride? I do not know. I cannot imagine facing those we have raised from birth and making the decision to end their lives. You are strong and I believe you are worthy souls. We shall direct you to the Sightless Sphinx. May Sekhmet grant you power in battle, and Thoth give you the wisdom to do what is necessary.”

Les Maftets

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